Winner of giveaway #4 and Announcement of giveaway #5

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Hi steemmonsters friends, what's up? Hope everyone doing well, Today I'm going to announce winner of previous giveaway and the announcement giveaway day #5 Another day is gone so It's time to announce the winner of yesterday giveaway! 2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnAfpeUZZv1K7QzS2.jpeg

In the last giveaway were was 1 participants and the winners is @chireerocks
Congratulation chireerocks, i will send your award soon Screenshot_2019-06-18-06-09-15.pngThe winner is determined by miniwebtool

What is steemmonsters?

  • steemmonsters is a crypto collectable card game built on the steem blockchain, people are collect the cards, level up them, and play for great prizes!


Details of card

  • Name Exploding dwarf L-1
  • Splinter : Fire
  • Card Type : Monster
  • Reality :Common
  • Edition: Reward


It is very easy to partecipate:

  • add a comment with your steemmonsters user name
  • tag a steemmonsters player in your comment who interested to participated in this giveaway
  • upvote and resteem is really appreciate but not a must (optional)

When 24 hours age of this post then I will determine the winner with all the perticipated names with a random name picker

And after 24 hours of this post, I will announce the winner in the next post, and will send the award to the winner. even I'll share its screenshot of the transaction

Good luck

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Tagging @ravisarikonda.

Thank you so much.

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