Announcing the winner of the 1 Share of SBI - #42

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40 had 11 entries

  • 14.48 ronaldoavelino
  • 14.5 bilbotbaggins
  • 14.55 bitandi
  • 14.57 fuentesjo3006
  • 14.65 bitinvdig0
  • 14.68 fitinfun
  • 14.7 bxlphabet
  • 14.71 kerrislravenhill
  • 14.75 syalla
  • 14.81 eveningart
  • 14.88 eii for the winner!!!


Contrats @bxlphabet!!!


Transfer -


Bonus Share @SSG-Community - Long live SSG!

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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Thank you senstless! You've just received an upvote of 89% by thejollyroger!

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Oh... @methus wasn’t in this one! Everyone else had a real chance at winning! 😂


Right, it's only fair when he isn't playing!!

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