ADSactly Poetry : Lucid Lyrics Designed to Expand Minds (Part 29)

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Hello Steemians! The ADSactly Poetry : Lucid Lyrics Designed to Expand Minds series is designed to be a sort of platform for sharing some of my greatest works with @adsactly readers.

Many of the verses I've shared and continue to share were written in collaboration with a friend of mine.

Others were written as solo projects and some made their way to the recording booth.

I've got another special piece for @adsactly readers today, this is a short verse which is designed for readers to 'sing-a-long'.

The background music I wrote it to has been embedded below. I dare you to give it a shot!

I really hope readers enjoy these and let me know what they think about them.


These words that come to mind are words strung up in rhymes thoughtful or thoughtless for whom the bell chimes I don’t know but what’s a goal without a little bit of hustle no growth without stress and stimulus to make the mental muscle the minds capital seems like everywhere I turn I’m into trouble or just a few steps away from pushing up daffodils.

Still pulling punches like Cassius Clay must I muster every bit of strength just to keep the wolves at bay cause every man finds himself either the hunter or the hunted most of us do what we can to keep the senses blunted should we go for the homerun or keep on bunting hardwired to play it safe but who’s to say just what safety is couple missteps will have us living on the street without a safety net and without the faintest idea just what time it is,

Why did I try so hard just to see it all go to ish but the crystal ball has always been known as hit or miss go down the wrong road meet the wrong folks may find we’re all alone are they friends or acquaintances and if you need their help can they be about the business but just what about the business is the real ish now I’m not really sure about the politics but pretty sure when we break it down we know what love is

And without the love what we really got cause what I think we really got is nothing day on and day in and everyday were keep on running but shouldn’t we be about just making moves that amount to something bigger than ourselves to be bigger than ourselves we need to give ourselves some help or just a break cause at the end of the day we were always our own biggest critic to the point its hypocritical staring at the screen living a social media dream taking us away from our analog selves and making us digital...

Want to sing along?

This piece was very fun to create. It just came so easily and really was a lot of fun to perform. Give it a try yourself and see if you can find a nice cadence for it.

No matter what, I'd very much like to know your thoughts and feelings about these, what you liked or didn't like, I'd love to hear your opinion either way!

Authored by: Zentalk

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Life is that constant fight. Sometimes we receive blows, which take us to the canvas or the corner, but the idea is to get up, return to the fight despite being tired, exhausted, failures. Sometimes you have to be a hunter, and we look for our prey. Other times we are the hunted and we feel cornered, like in a trap. Always, no matter how hard we try, life is a constant rotation in which we can be up and sometimes down. The idea is to always give the best of each one, not to be defeated and to continue betting on life and to win. Greetings, @zentalk


My thoughts exactly. Very well put @nancybriti!

Your texts are always a little difficult to comment on because they pass from one thing to another. Indeed, there must be some stress in our lives, because it is the pressure we need to undertake our tasks with the required effort. Love will be to the extent that we are aware of its requirement to live kindly, pleasantly. And our critical conscience will be the demand that confronts us to the world, to its truths or falsehoods. Greetings, @zentalk.


Yes, I know they can be quite fleeting and the topic tends to change very quickly. Writing in a stream of consciousness is often to blame but also keep in mind that these are lyrics and conform to certain patterns that allow the vocalist to move fluidly through the instrumental. Love is an important theme that doesn't really seem to be put to the front of the priority list in society. Its a shame because so many of our worldly problems could be solved if people felt love for others.

Very polemic issue.

we were always our own biggest critic to the point its hypocritical staring at the screen living a social media dream taking us away from our analog selves and making us digital...

I think that anyone who looks critically and honestly at what all their media outlets and accounts represent should be questioning how much of the real self is out there.

Sometimes it is not even about lying or playing pretend. Some social networks somehow makes us project an image that is supposed to be different, better than what we really are; it is supposed to omit the boring, pathetic aspects of our daily routines.
Some lives are very repetitive and lackluster, to put it nicely. Sometimes we want to think that by projecting a different self we can escape what we have and force the materialization of that better self.