“I'm Glad I Live in Canada,” by Bowser and Blue … (Comedy – Music to Your Ears, Mock’n’Roll–7)

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Our country is so big. Our problems are so small.

Bowser and Blue – “I'm Glad I live in Canada”

“I'm Glad I Live in Canada” (2008) 

In this cheerful ditty, Bowser and Blue sing about some of the finer aspects of living in Canada. Like its beer, and its 3 pleasant seasons. (It also has a 4th season, called winter, which is not always pleasant.) 

Shoot! It’s Don Cherry

As they sing, Canada’s a huge country, with only a very few people, some of whom are decent and nice. And most of whom don’t run around with pistols or assault rifles shooting up schools, movie theaters, and places of worship.   

Usually, the only intolerable shooting in Canada is when Don Cherry shoots off his mouth. But most Canadians simply ignore him.

Bowser and Blue

Bowser and Blue are a Canadian musical duo who write and perform comic songs. Based in Montreal, they have played together since 1978. (Real names – George Bowser and Richard Elger, aka Rick Blue)   

In their early days, they played mostly cover versions of various pop and popular songs. Nowadays, they generally play their own comedic compositions – which range “from absurdist humor to pointed political and cultural satire.” 

The titles of their other songs – such as “Down Our Way, and Up Yours”  and "Two Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire"  – usually give us some good hints of what to expect in their clever and witty lyrics.   (Image source)

Laugh, and Live Longer

As B&B say on their website, “We believe that music and laughter can extend your life, so we hope our show will give you a couple of extra days."

Over the next few months, you’ll hear more humorous tunes from B&B here on “Music to Your Ears.”  Hopefully, their music and your laughter will extend your life for a few more weeks, maybe even months.    

Listen, laugh, and live longer.  

I'm glad I live in Canada, who wouldn't like it here?
“Canadian” is a railway. “Canadian” is a beer.
We have gun control, unlike our neighbours to the south.
The only thing we can't control is Don Cherry's mouth!

There's two kinds of people in the world that I have met
Canadians, and people who aren't Canadians yet.
There's a test you have to take to be a citizen:
Would you like to be Canadian? (Yeah!) Okay, you're in.

I'm glad I live in Canada summer, spring and fall.
Our country is so big. Our problems are so small.
When dot-coms went under, I was A-okay
I was not dot-com, I was dot C-A

Canada is so much more than a border line.
Canada's not a state, it's a state of mind.
Some Americans are Canadians, to them we tip our hats
About half of them I'd say, they call them Democrats.

I'm glad I live in Canada, for that I do give thanks.
I like lakes and mountains, real estate and banks.
You'll learn things in Canada you'll never learn in school
Like Mexico is hot, but Canada is cool!
  (Image source)
Lyrics by George Bowser / Rick Blue, courtesy of – "YouTube"  
Reference – Wikipedia
Reference – BoswerAndBlue.com

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This is a rather humorous song. The song is short but long enough to describe the beauties of Canada. I wish that someday I can also boldly sing "I'm glad I live in Nigeria".

Well, since the song says that being a Canadian is a state of mind. Then, I qualify as a Canadian. Would you give me a cup of Canada? I am thirsty. Thanks for making my evening.


Ya, Canada's not perfect, but it's OK. And the greatest thing about being Canadian nowadays is .... we're not American! :-)

Hi @majes.tytyty

It's a kind of humor that I'm not used to.
but I can not deny that it is very good ..
Greetings my good friend


Good humor, indeed. A bit of satire and some self-deprecating humor, and a few jabs at certain unrespectable entities. As I was composing this post, I had a few good laughs.

..lol, great guys and kinda of funny song!
I sure want to visit Canada someday!


I just found out about these guys, but I agree, they're "great." When all else fails, at least we can rely on humor to cheer us up a bit!


You are absolutely right great friend...

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@majes.tytyty nice lyrics and nice song keep it up the good work , how is the weather their ;-)

hi . whats going on??? . keep it up . good luck

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Tim Hotons, hockey, ketchup chips, maple syrup and beer eh