“Baby, Please Don’t Go,” Muddy Waters / Rolling Stones … (Blues – Music to Your Ears–18)

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The Stones were invited by Muddy to join him. The results sing for themselves.

Muddy Waters / Rolling Stones – “Baby, Please Don’t Go”

“Baby, Please Don’t Go” (1981)

Reputed to be “one of the most played, arranged, and rearranged pieces in blues history"  (according to French music historian Gérard Herzhaft), “Baby, Please Don’t Go”  is a traditional folk song whose origins are lost in the mists of time.  

Shades of Blues

Over the years, it has been performed by Delta blues musicians, Chicago blues musicians, rhythm and blues musicians, British garage rock musicians, and more.    

The first recording of “Baby, Please Don’t Go”   was made in 1935 by Big Joe Williams, who claimed that it had been written by his wife, the singer Bessie Mae Smith. Apparently, there’s no evidence to support that claim.

Regardless of its origins, the song is now a blues standard. It has been covered by everyone from Lightnin’ Hopkins to John Lee Hooker, from Aerosmith and AC/DC to the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world.   

“Baby, Please Don’t Go”  has been inducted into both the Blues Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not bad, for a little song from the rural backwaters.

Muddy Waters / Rolling Stones

While passing through Chicago on their 1981 US tour, The Rolling Stones dropped in at the renowned Checkerboard Lounge, where Muddy Waters happened to be playing.   

The Stones had been heavily influenced by Muddy and other Chicago blues musicians – even taking their name from a 1950s Muddy song. And conversely, much of Muddy’s fame came as a result of the popularity of the Stones.   

Being famous rock stars, the Stones were seated front and center in the small lounge. Being friends of the legendary Muddy, a few of the Stones were invited to join him on stage.    

The results sing for themselves.   (Image source)

Baby please don't go [3 x]
  Down to New Orleans
  You know I love you so

  Before I be your dog [3 x]
  I get you way'd out here
  And I let you walk alone

  Turn your lamp down low [3 x]
  And I beg you all night long
  Baby please don't go

You brought me way down here [3 x]
  'Bout to Rolling Forks, you treat me like a dog

Baby please don't go [3 x]
Back to New Orleans
I beg you all night long

Before I be your dog [3 x]
I get you way'd out here
And I let you walk alone

You know your man down gone [3 x]
To the country farm, with all the shackles on
  (Image source)
Lyrics by Traditional / Muddy Waters, courtesy of – Mojim.com
Reference – Wikipedia
Reference – Interactive.wtts.com

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