Blackbriar (gothic metal): Unique, but I get bored of it fast

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I am always on the lookout for new metal and mostly it is a rather fruitless search because I don't have any real idea of where to start, I don't have any local friends who are into metal, and the decisions made by Spotify / Youtube / whatever else, well... i don't think their algorithms really understand metal.

I got inspired by a song I heard in the gym the other day by a band called Blackbriar called Snow White / Rose Red so I figured I would dive in a bit more.


Blackbriar likely has a greater opportunity for mass appeal because they aren't too heavy... so much so that I really hesitate to call them metal. The "gothic" portion of their name suits them more because the songs are quite eerie and to be honest, very nicely made.


Zora Cook makes the band unique. Having a female vocalist is kind of all the rage in metal these days but Zora is different in the sense that she is clearly a very talented, if not classically-trained singer. Her voice is beautiful and I would imagine that she could definitely get a job as some more mainstream type of singing if she decided one day that she isn't really into the metal stuff. I do admire her for sticking to her roots though.

They also make impressive videos that are always a bit dark and tell a story. I don't really understand where the money for these productions come from, but I am happy they make them.

Now onto the less-than-awesome aspects of this band: It gets old pretty fast as the songs kind of start to all sound the same. I can't really see myself enjoying listening to all the songs on an entire album because while their (her) talent is undeniable, I would probably never really know which song I am listening to.

I like that things like this are being done though, but i fear that Blackbriar will likely never be any more than a side-stage act at festivals.

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I feel like a lot of people felt the same way about Evanesence when they first came out. It was something really cool and different. Then all of their songs started to kind of sound the same and no one really cared anymore...


I was thinking of that exact example when I was writing this. 😃

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nice artical i like it bro :)