5 finger death punch (band): Sorry but I don't really dig it

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I was converted to be a metal fan in the late 80's and I am quite certain that I will remain a fan of this genre for the rest of my life. When I discover a new band that has that special combination of fantastic musicianship and an intense vocalist i get inspired by their sound. Throughout my life there are only a few bands that have pulled this off with me. There are many but Lamb of God, Obituary, Metallica, and Dimmu Borgir spring to mind.

Other than Metallica and maybe LOG, 5-Finger death punch is commercially much more successful than the others - but I just can't bring myself to dig them and I am not exactly sure why.


FFDP focuses a lot of their music on inspirational topics such at PTSD, overcoming alcoholism, combating racism, and other such things and no, I don't have a problem with that - these are all important issues, but for some reason it just seems like pandering to me when every single one of their songs is going after a societal issue rather than sing bout something silly like Satan (Ghost does this wonderfully.)

I also don't really find Ivan Moody's voice to be brutal enough. I dont even know if that makes any sense but as a fan of the growls and screams I find his somewhat gruff voice to not be at all aggressive enough. I may step on some toes here but i find their riffs to be similar. They are, in my mind, kind of a Nikelback of metal. That is, i find their songs to be quite boring.


Ivan Moody described Pantera as being one of his biggest influences for his vocal style. Well, maybe your look Ivan, but you sound nothing like Phil Anselmo. Ok, maybe that was a little bit mean but it is true.

I am fully prepared to face criticism for my opinion on this but honestly, it isn't possible to make me like something that I don't like. I feel like all of their songs sound the same and I can't really say that any of them actually move me at all. They are a multi-platinum act so obviously they have a very widespread appeal, but I don't think very much of this appeal is felt by people who are dedicated metal fans. I dunno, I don't pretend to speak for everyone, but I just dont like it.

Sorry! Not Sorry!

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Even that is very popular but still I too don't get moved by the songs. Even my peers owes the same opinion.
anyways keep flourishing.

omgggg Carcass, children of bodom, cradle of filth, dimmu borgir... Etc


I like most of those things a lot. Saw Carcass live by accident at some club I used to frequent in D.C.... they did an unadvertised free show. There was only like 30 people there... it was crazy. Got to meet the guys afterwards too.

I don't much care for Cradle, but they do make pretty awesome videos and in real life Dani Filth is a pretty interesting character (and really short)

Oh wow, that is a pretty big diss to call them the Nickleback of metal. That isn't something you should be throwing around lightly. My buddy is actually going to see them in concert in a week or so. Maybe they are one of those bands that are just better to see live. I personally don't listen to them much. Is there such a thing as Yuppie metal? Maybe we could call them that. Hipster Metal?


that might be what they are classified as. I dunno, I can't bring myself to listen to enough of their songs to get a proper opinion. I bet it would still be fun live though, any music tends to be better when you are there. For example: I won tickets to go see an EDM show, and for the most part I despise DJ music. However, I had an amazing time.... the live experience can really change your perspective and from what I have hard FFDP does spend a lot on showmanship and stuff like explosions and what not.


I will have to ask my buddy after he sees them how it was. He is probably just going to say it was awesome :P

Because the music is complete cheese! They have no musical integrity in my opinion. They are a great band, sick musicians who think they have to conform to a format that can be sold to the masses that aren’t ‘metalheads’

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