ADSactly Poetry : Lucid Lyrics Designed to Expand Minds (Part 28)

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Hello Steemians! The ADSactly Poetry : Lucid Lyrics Designed to Expand Minds series is designed to be a sort of platform for sharing some of my greatest works with @adsactly readers.

Many of the verses I've shared and continue to share were written in collaboration with a friend of mine.

Others were written as solo projects and some made their way to the recording booth.

I've got another special piece for @adsactly readers today, this is a short verse which is designed for readers to 'sing-a-long'.

The background music I wrote it to has been embedded below. I dare you to give it a shot!

I really hope readers enjoy these and let me know what they think about them.


What do we know about that fire?

Yah... What do we know about that fire?

Said what do we know about that fire?

Well I know a bit about that fire so let me preach to the choir.

It's hot like the sun and give you no reason to doubt it. It vaporizes what it meets and leaves a vision thats clouded.

Said its fire... that comes from a spark... And it's fire that lights up the dark. Its fire that can creep up on you from wherever you are.

Ain't no stopping that fire when its making its art.

It'll burn everything down as it starts from the ground from the underbrush to the canopy's tree tops and if you give it that oxygen to breathe, you'll see that it can't be stopped.

See the fire that burns in my heart.. Is the same passion that inspired these bars.

Yah that fire that burns in my heart comes from the same stuff that fuels the stars.

Want to sing along?

This piece was very fun to create. It just came so easily and really was a lot of fun to perform. Give it a try yourself and see if you can find a nice cadence for it.

No matter what, I'd very much like to know your thoughts and feelings about these, what you liked or didn't like, I'd love to hear your opinion either way!

Authored by: Zentalk

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Fire is one of the archetypal elements. Heraclitus thought it was the main one. In any case, it constitutes us physically (digestion is fire, according to the ancients) and spiritually. And we are image of that primeval fire that is in our origin, that surrounds us in the vital stars as the sun. I liked your composition, @zentalk.


Digestion and fire certainly seem to have a strong connection. We are sort of stars in our own right when you think about us in similar terms, we all shine and put off warmth and energy, our fuel is limited and one day our spark will fade.

The fire is one of the most destructive elements, but also one of the most regeradores, purifiers. In order to sow the earth, it must first be burned. The earth will also be purified and consumed in flames so that it can be reborn. If there is something that consumes the human being, it is his own fire, the passion that burns and accompanies him. And in the end, what is life? the fire of a candle that God lights when we are born. Greetings, @zentalk


I like the idea of being consumed by our own fire, when we let things spin out of control often times thats exactly what happens! Cool connection on this one. Thanks Nancy!

Yah that fire that burns in my heart comes from the same stuff that fuels the stars.

If only people were more aware of their inner fire.
Many injustice were not committed if people acted as if they had a sould which is made of star fire.

Most people smother their fire under the veil of duty and self-interest and would rather see impunity and injustice than see their share threatened.
I like what you have done with these lines and the music. Really cool.
It made me remember Sonia Sanchez's Catch the fire? and some of the sound tracks of educational movies about bad-ass students in inner city schools.


Thanks! I think of fire like passion or that would be one of its many connections. Its fun to take an abstract concept and just build from it.

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