4x Giveaways Tonight! (Steem Monster)

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Giveaway Sponsor
Today's giveaways are brought to you by @senstless who provided several cards graciously to assist with our group's giveaways. Big thank you to him for his generosity! Be sure to drop by and say hi to @senstless if you haven't met him already.

Opening Remarks - Team Projects

We have two new awesome project that we recently launched @steemexplorers and @givememonsters.

Steemexplorers is a discord server that serves as a database containing free and easy to use information on a wealth of services and communities on the Steem blockchain. Stop by and find some things to help yourselves grow. We also have FREE upvote bots there. The steemexplorers upvote bot has almost 900 vested PALcoin and just over 1,800 SPT for added curation benefits and is free to use right through our discord channel at the link below.

@givememonsters is a Dark Energy Crystals upvoting bot in which you can pay 1-10 DEC (which most people get for free from playing or by burning cards) and you can use those for up to a $0.03 upvote presently through the Steem-Engine exchange. Our bot is offering currently around a 300% return on investment with these upvotes and is one of the best deals around! Don't like the card you won here today? That's ok, just burn it into 15 Dark Energy Crystals, keep 5, and use the other 10 to get a $0.03 upvote from @givememonsters! This upvote bot also has 250 PALcoin and almost 2,900 SPT staked for additional curation benefits as well for no extra charge! Learn more at our discord at the link below.


Giveaway Results

As is customary here on my account, and all my partner accounts, we typically wait about 3-4 days to publish our giveaway posts in between each one just to make sure we have enough to give away and that we've had a chance to play at least a day or two to earn rewards.

These are the results of the last 4x giveaways that have paid out:

1x Exploding Dwarf:

1x Silvershield Archers:

1x Wood Nymph:

1x Sea Monster:

Congratulations to all the winners! To all who won SM cards, your cards will be sent momentarily.

Thanks for playing everyone!

About The Team

We are a growing group of individuals that seek to help the Steemit community by providing free giveaways to promote, above all things, a platform for other Steemit users to grow and find a little assistance along the way to improve their experiences and draw more interest to Steemit as a whole.

Combined between our now 5 active team members:

UserService Provided
@jonnyla08Steem Monsters Giveaways
@monstermadnessSteem Monsters Giveaways
@just4kicks46Steem Monsters Giveaways
@steemexplorersSteembasicincome Giveaways
@givememonstersUpvote Service

We are now giving away something every single day across 4x accounts. That’s 28x FREE giveaways every single week! And we're working on providing an upvote service through the @givememonsters account!


Easy Access Steem Blockchain and Free Crypto Sites to Help You Earn!!

Steem MonstersUpvoting ServiceCoinbase Earn - $10 Free Stellar Lumens
Steem Monsters.jpg58DDEE73-D4AD-489D-9817-A8485C2279B9.jpeg58DDEE73-D4AD-489D-9817-A8485C2279B9.jpeg
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Congrats all!

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Sweet, thank you so much for my wood nymph

Thank you!



To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @jonnyla08, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!