Carcassi Prelude Hip-Hop Mix

in dsound •  last month

The basis of this composition was the classic prelude of Carcassi, written in the 17th century. I wanted to combine classical and modern music for a long time. I finally did it. I hope you enjoy it :)

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Wooh this sounds nice. These kind of fusions are done with bollywood music a lot here in India and even the young generations love it. The soberness and authenticity of classical with some heart beating beats. Amazing. And I particularly see that black goggle being put in his picture here, that is funny and apt here ;p;p :)


Thank you very much for your support and kind words! I'm glad that you liked the cover))

Well done. That really worked extraordinarily well. The combo of the classic guitar and hip hop beat was seemless. I think without prior knowledge one would never know if it were old or new. Color me impressed:)


Thanks for the support)
This is very important to me! )
I will work in this direction further) Perhaps people will wake up interest in classical music)))


I love classical music. My son and I attend a concert almost every week. It is wonderful when people play around a bit with it though and create the new:)

Hi gulia.peito,

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Hi @curie!
Thanks a lot for the support! This is very important to me! Many many thanks!!!!!

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Dear, thanks for the support!
I like your offer. It suits me! You can use my music.


Thank you, proper attribution will be made along with where interested listeners can find your work and compensation will be sent each time without fail. We will report to you and link each episode that your music is used in.

Thank you for your participation.

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hi @gulia.peito
and thank goodness you did it !! because it seems to me brilliant !! are you very good, did you study music or are you self-taught? do you do it for work or for passion? I love it!
congratulations and thanks for sharing with us


Hello @road2horizon! Many many thanks for the support! I'm self-taught, but I really want to learn jazz and maybe get an education in this area. I do this for passion, but I very-very want to make music my main profession. I want to go somewhere to study. My dream is to go to college for jazz. But I need a certain amount of money to go learn and pay teachers. I worked as a web designer, but at the moment I can not find a job. I plan to make a music program and play somewhere. Maybe I will manage to earn money and go to study music professionally.

More than anything, I love music and I am ready to do it for days) I spent a lot of time on other professions and other jobs. But I did not find myself. All roads lead to music. Maybe I will understand how to solve this problem)


I really hope you can do it. and don't get discouraged if it seems difficult because the only thing that matters is your passion. when you put love into the things you do they acquire the meaning of life. and if this is also your work you will do it with joy forever. Good luck
ps: are you italian?


Hi my friend! Thanks for the kind words. I'm from Ukraine.


you are welcome! from the name you seemed Italian to me !!

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Thank you so much @classical-radio! This is very important to me!)

So I really like the Carcassi. You tried to bring it into modern world at first glance by cover design @gulia.peito. That's nice. I really enjoyed the prelude although I rather a little more deep base, or I don't know can I say dark base?
The piece itself represents hope to me. Hope while you are down...
That beat just added a fighting element to the song... Nice work...
I enjoyed it a lot ♥
(By the way, I just published my next post, I'll appreciate it if you spend some time on reading it)


Thank you very much for your support and kind words!