Binance U.S. will Strengthen Bitcoin

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago


Binance is set to launch Binance U.S. under the moniker BAM. Binance US is separate from the regular Binance marketplace because of U.S. regulatory laws & restrictions. Binance U.S. will most likely have fewer coins available on the marketplace for its U.S. customers again due to U.S. regulations and restrictions.

Even with the stipulations that the U.S. is imposing on citizens in the area of cryptocurrency it is still a win for Bitcoin because as it stands Bitcoin is the strongest and most valuable cryptocurrency in the world; so with more businesses like Binance willing to work with the U.S. government and abide by the stipulations in order to serve U.S. citizens the more exposure will be brought into the crypto arena thus strengthening Bitcoin. Strengthen Bitcoin strengthen.


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