U.S eating words of Bravado Bitcoin Assertions.

in bitcoin •  7 months ago


After all the threats from the IRS, it seems as though they are finally realizing that we are on our way to liberation from the government and banks ruling over and controlling the money that we earn. I wrote an article on how the IRS was threatening us about our cryptocurrency (https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@restmode/irs-vs-bitcoin). Now it appears that the IRS is beginning to realize just how important and powerful crypto, blockchain, and decentralization is. Like magic, they have changed their tune stating that they will no longer come after us for "nonpaid taxes" on crypto. The U.S. Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is now stating that "accounts held by exchanges located outside the country don’t have to be disclosed." Which means we no longer are being threatened to disclose our Binance or other accounts on foreign exchanges.


The IRS was touting how much ahead of crypto they were and how we will be forced to pay taxes on every little thing or else we will be dragged into court. Now they are entering into reality where they can recognize that in fact, they are very much behind. So they are scrapping their ideas of coming after each and every American crypto holder and will probably just zoom in on the people that hold accounts on the government-affiliated exchanges like Poloniex the mega exchange the was just acquired by Goldman Sachs (https://steemit.com/life/@restmode/why-goldman-sachs-bought-poloniex).


I believe very much that the only reason that the U.S. government is backpedaling their threats is because they have found out that it will be impossible for them to find out every citizen that holds crypto because they are not in charge of anything in relation to it. So they've devised a plan to get relations and their new plan is control of exchanges. The government is going to troll us through the exchanges. They are forcing us off of the foreign exchanges like Binance by putting up walls of regulation creating hoops so difficult that it questions whether the bother is worth it. while on the other hand American entities are acquiring exchanges that will be so regulated by the government that we will be forced to pay taxes on our crypto because the exchanges will be in play with the KYC rule and everything else that will give the government everything that they need to finally drag us into court if we don't pay them. However, that's only if we use their exchanges. What will they do when they discover a little thing called a DEX?


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