Rise Bitcoin Rise

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Last month has been a whirlwind rollercoaster ride for the price of Bitcoin it has seen monthly lows hit below $8,000 at the beginning of the month to the monthly high of over $13,000 towards the end. This price fluctuation is significant, substantial and to a degree mind-boggling for Bitcoin users, hodlers, and traders. This month I will be keeping close tabs on Bitcoin following the spikes and dips to try and get a grasp on where exactly Bitcoin is taking us.


With the high of last month being over $13k and today hovering around $10.5k some skeptics think that Bitcoin is losing its steam while others like financial analysts Carter Worth believing that Bitcoin will rise again. I believe Bitcoin will soon bump up because cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular each day with mega business like JP Morgan https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@restmode/jpm-coin-a-farewell-to-banks and Facebook https://steemit.com/facebook/@restmode/why-is-everyone-afraid-of-facebook-token creating crypto of their own. Each day more and more people are being introduced to cryptocurrency and everyone knows that Bitcoin is the cream of the crop, and cream rises to the top.
Rise Bitcoin rise!


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Vey true. The popularity of cryptocurrencies even with the news of Libra has risen. Facebook has also played a major role in introducing cryptocurrency to masses. More and more people have been joining the community which given no sign that bitcoin will fall in popularity.


@yurelx, thank you for commenting. You are spot on. I get excited when companies enter into crypto because they bring their customers right along and any intro' into crypto is going to be an intro' to Bitcoin in some way. Rise Bitcoin rise.

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